Pro Tips About Speaking English

Lexical resources are one of the  4 criterias of the IELTS speaking test. 25% of your speaking score depends on using lexical resources properly. Lexical resource means using the best similar words rather than using the most common words. For example-

  1. I like to dance

           I’m fond of dancing

  1. Look at the teenagers

           Look at the youngsters


Always use simple sentences and avoid making them complex. Using plain words in speaking and writing makes your sentences more understandable to listeners. For example-

  1. John waited for the train.

           John waited for when the train would come.

  1. He studied too hard to get a chance into medical school.

He studied hard because he wanted to go to a medical school.

Your speech should be specific, fluent and straightforward. You should not repeat the same thing again and again and don’t repeat the question by yourself. 

Pro Tips About Writing English

Once you’ve got the question paper in your hand, read through the whole question paper very carefully.  Point out the questions that you should answer first.
Avoid expressing yourself badly even if the question seems too hard to you. Look at the question paper smartly and try to give a smart expression because your examiner will grade your expression. 
Never repeat or pick similar words from the question to make your answer large. Use different words or try to give your answer differently. 

Pro Tips About Reading English

Try to make your reading fast and never skip any parts because every single piece of information is very important to obtain a standard mark in the IELTS reading test.
In the IELTS reading test your question paper will be full of vocabulary and you must focus on the keywords. Try to find out the synonyms or antonyms of the word given in your question paper.
In the IELTS you will get only 1 hour to answer 40 questions. That means you will get only one and a half hour per question. So, you should try to complete your answer in time. Avoid difficult questions until the end.

Pro Tips About Listening English

In the IELTS listening test you’ll get a question paper and you’ve to listen to a voice recording first then you’ve to write your answer on the answer script. So, after getting your question paper in your hand you should try to read your question while listening to the voice record.
Try to listen to English conversations with different accents. IELTS is an international English language test so you should practice your listening in different accents.
We all know that practice makes a man perfect. So, you should listen to English conversations more and more so that you can become a pro.